Fractional Resurfacing

Recommended for Advanced Skin Specialists

Non-ablative laser with high Clinical Efficacy

Frax 1550 is the most easy-to-use fractional non-ablative laser for:

  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Non-ablative skin resurfacing

Money multiplier lease / low down payment 

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FRAX 1550

Optimized for patient comfort

With Frax 1550 you can make advanced treatments faster with limited downtime. The integrated Ellipse SoftCool™ system ensures that the patient experiences less pain during and after treatment with Frax 1550.


With Frax 1550 you get the most easy to operate fractional hand piece including the well-known and trusted Ellipse clinical intelligence interface.

The unique magnetic motion roller sensor ensures a uniform result and keeps track of the area treated and the total coverage achieved. The built-in working light and the smart design of the laser “nose” makes it easy for you to see the area that you are treating. The flexible cable makes it easy to change the position of the laser when you roll it over the skin.

Unparalleled control of thermal impact

A new and unique technology allows you to set pulse time and energy independently and thereby fully control both width and depth of the thermal impact. You thereby not only reduce the risk of side-effects, but you can also give your patients much greater comfort during the treatment.

Expand your clinic into a high profit multi treatment Centre

For as little as £30 a day our your ellipse system can return you £60,000 to £100,000 a year in extra income

What you get:

  • Award-winning training program  – Turns a therapist into a laser and IPL specialist in three days
  • Guaranteed equipment – backed with maintenance and service agreements
  • Free helpline –  call in center available 5 days a week
  • Finance – we can finance almost every one with our money multiplier easy to qualify lease.
  • No additional operating costs

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