Laser Light Facial

Laser Light Facial

Ellipse first free standing Phototherapy system. Recommended for Advanced Skin Specialists.

The NEW Laser Light Facial device by Ellipse the complete anti-ageing platform device.

  • • Collagen and Elastin Building
    • Improves Dull Complexion and Uneven Skin tone
    • Tightens and Brightens Skin
    • Leaves Skin Softer, Smoother, Radiant and Glowing
  • In just 15 minutes!

Advanced Skin Experts now have the capability to offer high speed treatments which pushes high client throughput. The experts in the VL-Light Facials or Lunch Time treatments, the Ellipse device offers the complete platform device to reverse ageing.

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The Science.

The science behind the Laser Light Facial is what separates the Ellipse from any other non-invasive phototherapy treatment on the market. The unique Selective Waveband Amber
555 nm, delivers clinically proven wavelengths to ensure focused and optimised penetration of
light into the skin.


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Combining the Laser Light Facial.

Laser Light Facial protocols are easy to integrate and can be adapted to address the requirements of each individual client. Laser Light Facial can be combined with procedures including skin peels, skin needling, mesotherapy, PRP, Radio Frequency and microdermabrasion. It will also advance the results of more traditional facial treatments.

It is particularly effective with resurfacing procedures where superficial layers of the epidermis are removed. Dead skin cells create an uneven surface which increases the reflection of light. Creating a smooth and more homogenous surface allows for better light absorption and better results.

Creating a ‘Signature’ treatment protocol for the anti-ageing revolution.

Expand your clinic into a high profit multi treatment Centre

For as little as £30 a day our your ellipse system can return you £60,000 to £100,000 a year in extra income

What you get:

  • Award-winning training program  – Turns a therapist into a laser and IPL specialist in three days
  • Guaranteed equipment – backed with maintenance and service agreements
  • Free helpline –  call in center available 5 days a week
  • Finance – we can finance almost every one with our money multiplier easy to qualify lease.
  • No additional operating costs

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