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The Sirius by Ellipse continues the same high standards that have positioned the Ellipse brand in lead since 1997. Dual Mode Filtering and Square Pulse Technology, which eliminate the need for active cooling and enhanced efficacy are two reasons why the Sirius by Ellipse is so highly respected. Ease of use, variety of treatments, speed, and virtual silence are few of the reasons why it is so widely used.


The SIRIUS Pro model is configured to do the following treatments:

  • Acne Clearance
  • Hair Removal
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Facial Thread Veins

The SIRIUS HR can be configured specifically for 1 treatment:

  • Hair Removal

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Your Device.

Customised excellence.

The latest Sirius has been remastered to aesthetic excellence. Based on the identical, intricate superiority of its predecessor, the Sirius takes an incredibly familiar design and gives the option of customisation to the operator. The appropriateness for your bespoke device depends entirely on what exactly your clients demands. Choose your Sirius to be a stand-alone Hair Removal system or have the ultimate complete platform device to incorporate vascular treatments.

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You choose.

Accessories your Sirius from the choice of 3 Hair Removal applicators each designed to perfection. The innovation begins with the familiar smart connector technology, interchanging between hand pieces has now been made to be quick and hassle-free.

The HR 600, HRL 600 and HRD 645 are identically created from a unique composition of hybrid integrated circuits. This detailed engineering break through allows Ellipse to by-pass any costly applicator refurbishments or having to replace flash lamps and guarantee all our applicators for life.

Desire more.

The demand for vascular treatments can easily be met with the addition of the VL555 applicator. Featuring expert technology to effectively target and treat broken vessels and spider veins on your face and reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigment on your face and body.

And now with the introduction of the new nano VLS 555, practitioners have even greater control to target micro-vessels and pigmented lesions accurately without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Expand your clinic into a high profit multi treatment Centre

For as little as £30 a day our your ellipse system can return you £60,000 to £100,000 a year in extra

What you get:

  • Award-winning training program  – Turns a therapist into a laser and IPL specialist in three days
  • Guaranteed equipment – backed with maintenance and service agreements
  • Free helpline –  call in center available 5 days a week
  • Finance – we can finance almost every one with our money multiplier easy to qualify lease.
  • No additional operating costs

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