Ellipse Insights

Introducing Frax 1550

Ellipse proudly introduces Frax 1550* – the easiest-to-use fractional non-ablative laser for

–   Non-ablative skin resurfacing (incl. but not limited to treatment of skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles)

–   Treatment of striae (stretch marks)

–   Treatment of acne scars

–   Treatment of surgical scars

With Frax 1550 you can make advanced treatments faster and with limited downtime.

Frax 1550 offers a new and unique technology to set pulse time and energy independently. You can thereby control both width and depth of the thermal damage. This together with the built-in air cooling system SoftCool ensures that you can give your patients greater comfort both during and after the treatment.

At the same time the magnetic motion roller ensures a uniform result and keeps track of the area treated and total coverage achieved.

The smart design of the Frax 1550 laser “nose” and the built-in working light makes it easy for you to see the treatment area. Thanks to the flexible cable you can also easily move the Frax 1550 around when you need to change position.

Learn more about the advantages you get with the new fractionated non-ablative Frax 1550 laser