Ellipse Insights

Treating Campbell de Morgan Spots

DrMorganSpotsCampbell de Morgan spots (named after the doctor who first identified them) or sometimes called cherry angiomas,  ruby spots or even blood spots are very common. The sheer variety of names shows how widespread these harmless vascular lesions are.

They can often first appear at about aged 30-45 years. At age 75 as many as 3 patients out of 4 have them. For this reason most dermatologists refer to the lesions as senile haemangiomas.

They are often found on the trunk, arms and legs. Senile haemangiomas are normally small and bright red in colour: However they can darken, grow in diameter (and number) and even rise up from the surface of the skin (so that they catch on clothing and start to bleed).  So, although harmless, they can be an annoyance.

The good news is that senile haemangiomas can be treated easily using either the Ellipse Nd:YAG laser or the Ellipse PR+ handpiece (protecting the surrounding undamaged skin by treating through a hole cut in gauze or white paper). Only a single treatment in normally required.