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Laser Hair Removal System Reviews


Reviews: Laser Hair Removal: We had some positive review coverage of our systems in the Daily Mail (UK) recently.

Ellipse SWT® (Selective Waveband Technology) can significantly reduce hair growth. A visible light targets the follicle and heat destroys the hair. Hair can only be treated in its growing phase so repeated treatments are necessary. Three to six sessions should show a permanent reduction of hair.

Our tester said:Your legs are cleaned and, depending on how long the hair is, shaved. They then mark the leg into strips and apply a gel. A wand is pressed against the skin, a light goes on and they move along your leg treating patch by patch. It tingles but isn’t painful. After the first session, hair grew back much finer and now, after four sessions, I hardly have any.

Laser hair removal system reviews

The HR Treatment is suitable for all body areas including arms, underarms, back, chest, bikini line, Brazilian as well as legs (suitable for male or female). This SWT® System offers painless permanent hair reduction to your Spa, Clinic and Salon clients. They will be delighted with the results of smooth skin and lasting results as the effects of this method of treatment can be seen after just one treatment.

Affordable & Flexible Solutions for Business

We are the approved UK distributors of Ellipse professional grade SWT®/ Laser equipment. We supply machines and support to 100’s of  UK salons, clinics, spas and NHS hospitals. The Ellipse brand and product range has a proven track record and has been reviewed in many clinical studies.

We are confident you will find the Ellipse SWT® machines extremely affordable and help you improve your profit line. So opting to purchase one is a really easy decision, just talk the flexible options through with one of our experienced and friendly sales personnel.