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SWT™/Laser Hair Removal – A Dream?

Ellipse Hair RemovalSWT™/Laser Hair Removal: Permanent hair removal is a dream come true for many men and women. In a fast paced and busy world we want low-maintenance skin and hair care. Many ladies in particular want to be free from painful waxing and shaving. There are high-tech alternatives of course but does laser hair removal work?

Q. What Is Laser Hair Removal?

It works by hitting the hair follicle with a precision and short burst of light. this in turn creates a heat reaction with the hair root and kills it.

Q. How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

After your hair removal session, the hair usually sheds itself within one to three weeks. However, often, the hair may not have been lasered at the correct phase of growth so it will regrow and some re-treatment will be necessary. This is why you need multiple hair removal sessions over time. Results will vary of course depending on the body area, how thick the hair was to start with and how good the laser hair removal machine is – not all are as powerful or effective as others..

Even if the hair doesn’t come out first go, you should notice that regrowth is both softer and finer each time. So your hair may appear thinner at least. You can also expect around a 20% reduction in hair growth each time. Therefore, you may need three to six sessions to eliminate hair completely.

Q. What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Body and facial hair can be a big problem for some women, damaging their confidence. Laser hair removal means you won’t have to worry about daily shaving, monthly waxing or ‘regrowth’ phases, and in the long run you’ll save time, money and hassle. “Many people see the swap from monthly waxing sessions to a more permanent hair removal option as an investment,” says a laser specialist at the London Cosmetic Clinic*.

Removing hair this way also improves the texture of the skin underneath, which becomes much smoother and clearer.

Q. What are the Drawbacks of Laser Hair Removal?

The initial outlay of laser hair removal may be too high for some to justify. There is also slight pain and discomfort associated with the laser treatment – a bit like having an elastic band twanged against the skin. SWT® Laser Hair Removal London

Q. What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal?

It varies by treatment, the number of sessions and by region. Individual SWT™/Laser sessions start from around £50 depending on the area of the body and the price policy your clinic/salon. For example at the The London Cosmetic Clinic, SWT™/Laser hair removal in London costs start from about £65 (2013 prices) for small areas but will be more for larger areas like legs or back. (Please ALWAYS check prices with your own clinic).

Other Permanent Hair Removal Methods


Electrolysis is typically used for smaller areas of hair growth. It works by inserting a small needle into each individual hair follicle and inducing a short, sharp burst of energy. This cuts the hair off from its blood supply by cauterizing (burning) the follicle.

The technique is effective only when executed precisely and the hair should naturally glide out of the follicle after treatment. You should not feel any tugging or resistance. Electrolysis can cause scar tissue to form and take many sessions to complete.


SWT™/Laser offers the same outcome as laser hair removal. The laser applicator used in SWT™/Laser covers a larger area than normal laser hair removal machine and this can help reduce the level of pain. SWT™/Laser is generally considered to be a safer treatment, with less side effects.

* We supply and support all UK Ellipse SWT™/Laser machines at The London Cosmetic Clinic.  Are you considering buying an SWT™/Laser Machine in the UK?
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 (Above based on an article by Bethan Cole – Channel 4)

SWT™/Laser Hair Removal

Consumer Notes: If you are considering SWT® hair removal treatments such as Ellipse SWT™/Laser then please take a ‘Buyer Beware’ attitude and check your clinic’s credentials, training and if possible their reputation – get recommendations if possible. Ellipse SWT™/Laser UK insist on and give proper training to the practitioners/salon owners on Ellipse SWT™/Laser machines at the time of sale and we offer refresher courses on a regular basis. We have extensive technical support to partner spas, salons and clinics. We want you to have confidence as a consumer that an approved Ellipse SWT™/Laser Partner is safe to use.