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So Sarah tell us a little bit about your credentials

I am actually a Registered Nurse with ten years of experience with Advanced IPL Training

What made you want to get into the beauty industry?

Actually I was working as a nurse in a GP practice but like many if not every woman out there I had years of struggling with hair growing in areas I didn’t want it, even the dreaded facial hairs! I had also been prone to ingrowing hairs on my legs and bikini line. I tried every method of hair removal there is with limited success. I knew the embarrassment and distress it caused and wanted a permanent solution for me and to be able to offer it to others with empathy and understanding. It was then the idea came to me, so I purchased my first SWT/ Laser machine and started my own business.

So tell me Sarah, do you have a favourite Skincare products?

Well in my clinic we sell the Caudalie natural skincare range among others. My favourite product is their 30 factor sun cream which doubles as a moisturiser.

With that being said, what does Skin Health mean to you?

To me skin health is looking after my skin by every means; healthy diet, good sleep pattern, exercise, sun protection, good skin care products and of course the Ellipse for previous sun damage, red veins, pigmentation and hair removal where necessary. This alongside the SWT/ Laser for skin rejuvenation to stimulate collagen and elastin.

How long have you worked with Ellipse?

I have worked with the Ellipse for the last 3 years. To be honest from my days as a practising nurse I have always been aware of the good reputation in the industry. I recently upgraded to the new Nordlys as it offered more advanced treatments that I can tailor to my clients and we have been thrilled with the results.

Do you have a preferred treatment to perform with your Ellipse Nordlys? Why?

My favourite treatment is still getting rid of unwanted hair for people because I know the difference it makes to people’s lives. I have clients who say their treatment with us has literally changed their lives. Having said that I also love the results we get with the skin rejuvenation and people are so grateful to be able to see their skin being rescued from the results of sun damage and environmental damage. It is very satisfying treating red veins and seeing a change before your very eyes.

What is the most asked question you get about Skincare Health?

The question we get asked the most is simply what can be done for my skin. When I was growing up I didn’t realise the damage sun causes and I sunbathed all the time. This is easy for me to answer as this was also my background. It is so rewarding to be able to offer a solution in terms of skin rejuvenation and to see people commit to a course of treatments that leaves their skin and confidence with a healthy glow. We find if people invest in the treatments we offer for their skin they then start to look after it, sometimes for the first time ever!

What is the best advice you can give to any of your clients?

The best advice I can give to my clients is put into place the things I listed earlier for healthy skin and to embrace the skin we are in. We are all ageing and the signs of ageing will eventually be seen on our skin whatever we do. But if we feel we have taken measures to enable our skin to be the best it can be we can get on with life and enjoy being who we are.