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Our laser beauty treatments is already running for more than a few years and often we are asked questions such as how we’ve started this work, why we do it and who we are.

Hello Laser of Beauty, please tell us a little about yourself.

Well we are actually a family business, sisters in business if you would believe it! Sandra and Eda, we have actually been established for a few years now focusing only on our passion for laser treatments.

What was it that made you decide to enter the industry?

An unsuccessful beauty treatment! We really hated our bikini line and other unwanted hair, so naturally we tried various ways to eliminate them. We both booked for hair removal procedures at different beauty salons, going there on a monthly basis but finally after six months we realised that there were absolutely no results. Only time and money wasted! Now Laser of Beauty is like home for us and it is a very much loved occupation.

What other do you offer at Laser of Beauty?

Ellipse only! Our clients completely love this treatment, the results which some of our clients insist we place on our website, speaks for themselves. Recently we upgraded to the latest system, Nordlys by Ellipse which broadens our treatment spectrum. We treat everything from nail fungus, leg veins, vascular lesions and of course hair removal.

So tell me; why the Ellipse?

We chose Ellipse because we had amazing results with the treatments. ELLIPSE is the only company that will work with you and help your business prosper. When I met with the team they made what I then thought was a bold statement “if your customers do not get the clinical results we will take the equipment back and refund the purchase amount”. Years later we are still extremely satisfied with our choice as well as cooperation with this company, which provides opportunities for improvement. Ellipse price meets quality!

Is it difficult as sisters working together?

We often get asked this question from our customers and the answer – it is easy. We know each other very well. We never get any disagreements and even if the opinions differ, we always compromise quickly. Only unfortunate thing is – we rarely take holidays together.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Results. When you see how you have helped the client. Sometimes people do not even expect that their existing skin problems may disappear. The treatment of capillaries results are immediately visible even after the first procedure. For some, it seems like a miracle. For example, a man for 15 years had a capillary on his face, and we removed it instantly. You would have seen the surprise on his face!

You recently upgrading your SuperLight PLUS to the Nordlys… what was the deciding factor?

Our clients were demanding more treatments, we researched the Nordlys came in and met with the team again. The decision was simple really.

Tell me what does Skin Health mean to you?

Skin Health means dedication. Whether it be healthier lifestyle decisions, educating yourself on sun safety or even as simple as increasing your water intake, the results will speak for themselves.

What is the best advise you can give to your clients to preserve their skin?

Moisturise daily and use a good factor SPF.