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Kameleon is quite a unique name for a spa, is there any reason behind this choice?

I’ve always been fascinated by the incredible range of roles women play throughout their daily lives. Moving seamlessly from mother, daughter, the good girl, bad girl, worker, manager. Not to mention cook, cleaner, gardener, taxi driver and on and on and on. I wanted a business name to reflect this so Chameleon was the perfect choice. Then I simply altered the Cha to Ka to reflect the Ancient Egyptian spiritual understanding of the soul energy.

How long have you been in the beauty industry?

I have close to 20 years of experience under my belt, if you can believe it! I started in makeup and organically changed to beauty. I opened my first salon on Valentine’s Day 2001.

I’m curious what is it that made you choose to enter the beauty sector?

It just seemed to come naturally to me. When I finished school I was working in the hotel sector for some time and I just craved a peaceful, quiet, fabulously fragrant environment where I could meet people on a different level and hopefully bring some pleasure into their lives. I love Aromatherapy and Phototherapy so when I discovered Yon-Ka I knew this is what I wanted to smell every day at work.

How long have you actually worked with the Ellipse system?

I purchased my first machine in 2005.

What other treatments do you offer at Kameleon?

As well as all the treatments on offer from the Ellipse SPT+ we have a full range of Yon-Ka facials & body treatments. We also offer Nimue skincare which includes Micro needling and Hot Stone massage.

So tell me; why the Ellipse?

As a sole trader my two main priorities in my business has to be safety and results. When building & maintaining a small business quality is always the cheapest option in the long run. Word of mouth which is of course free is my main advertising. Only consistently delivering long lasting results and great customer service will achieve longevity and a good reputation. I’m not a natural sales person. I need the “confidence of knowing that I can deliver the results that I’m promising” & that I have all the technical support and back up with training that I need. Ellipse delivers all of this to me and more. The machine consistently delivers incredible results. The technical support & training department are always there and will go out of their way to resolve any issues that I may have. Ellipse are very proud and protective of their machines and reputation and this is reflected in their service and the quality of my treatments.

What was the main deciding factor that made you go with the Ellipse system?

As the devices are multi-functional I can offer permanent hair reduction, Photo Rejuvenation, Thread Vein Removal and a superb Anti Age Treatment from one machine. The safety factor was also very impressive to me.

You have been in the industry for a number of years; do you have any treatments you perform that your clients absolutely adore?

All of our treatments are very popular. We concentrate solely on Laser treatments, Yon-Ka and Nimue facial treatments and Hot Stone massages.

Do you have a favourite Skincare product(s)?

Yon-Ka & Nimue. Both for their commitment using impeccably high quality ingredients, their drive in employing amazing technology and fabulous results. Either couldn’t be more different from each other. Yon-Ka is an Aromatherapy, Phototherapy & Botanical brand using incredibly, stable plant and marine extracts. Nimue provides Amphoteric AHAs and a whole array of delivery systems to enable their products to achieve maximum results.

What does Skin Health mean to you?

Skin health means being in a position where I’m quite happy & comfortable going anywhere without wearing makeup (except mascara of course!).


Do your clients have a preferred treatment with the Ellipse? Why?

The Photo Rejuvenation is incredibly popular. Because it’s a 3 in one. Toning down diffuse redness, clearing pigmentation and boosting collagen. It tackles problems that have concerned clients for years but with a quick relatively painless, no invasive 20 minute treatment they can have wonderful results.

How has these treatments fitted into your practice?

The salon has evolved into a skincare clinic over the years so the Ellipse treatments have become the anchor of the salon treatment menu.

What is the most asked question you get about Skincare Health?

Wrinkle or acne treatments are the main concerns we deal with on a daily basis. The safety factors associated with these treatments are our client’s biggest concerns.

What is the best advice you can give to any of your clients?

Decide what you feel you need and just make the call. Leave the rest up to us!