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Plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan Forley talks about Nordlys by Ellipse in the US magazine Modern Aesthetics. Read how he is using his Nordlys and especially how he benefits from the short pulses that the versatile Nordlys platform offers. Read the article Nordlys: A Versatile Device

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Treating Campbell de Morgan Spots

Campbell de Morgan spots (named after the doctor who first identified them) or sometimes called cherry angiomas,  ruby spots or even blood spots are very common. The sheer variety of names shows how widespread these harmless vascular lesions are. They can often first appear at about aged 30-45 years. At age 75 as many as […]

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Ellipse SWT™/Laser Treatments in 1000 Words

Buy Ellipse SWT™/Laser Treatments Systems:  We are frequently asked to provide information for patients. Although we offer (through our distributors) a range of patient brochures, we are sometimes asked to provide an overview of all treatments.   Introduction Ellipse I2PL systems represent the cutting edge of light based treatments; hospital-grade systems that are equally at home […]

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Ellipse Systems in Action (NHS TV)

Ellipse Systems on YouTube. A brief company presentation of Ellipse A/S, the danish manufacturer of advanced light and laser based dermatological equipment for the treatment of a range of skin conditions. Followed by an interview by Dr. Raina Zarb Adami (Knightsbridge Laser Clinic in London) who explains the advantages of using Ellipse systems for hair […]

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Ellipse SuperLight at the Westerham Spa, Kent

Its always nice to know where you can find Ellipse Hair Removal and Ellipse Skin Treatments so we are making it our business to tell you about our UK wide practitioners. Today we caught up with  Lyn Roakes at the Westerham Spa in Kent. “Whether you want a 5 minute eyebrow shape in a lunch […]

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