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A Day in the Life: Ellipse Technical Support

 The Ellipse Technical Support Team is four service engineers and an installation team. These boys have a very busy work life and to find out exactly how they fill their day I hung out with them to see what was happening..

An Early Start

OK the Ellipse Service day starts early, they are 8am boys and spend the first hour of the day reviewing the work form the day before and then arranging today’s schedule. From what I saw they appear to operate like a well oiled machine.

Konrad is on the phone coordinating today’s installation of new Ellipse Machines. Today, there are two new clients to take care of, one  in central London and one in Hertfordshire. Whilst Jack is busy working in the very busy Applicator department. The Applicators are the lifeblood of any Ellipse System so demand for repairs and re-calibration is high. The team offer a practically immediate turnaround on applicator repairs and maintenance.

Time flies and coffee has arrived its 11.30am and I am watching them work on product development and discussing Software advances. It is exciting stuff!

Preventative Maintenance of your Ellipse Equipment

There are another two other engineers on PM visits – preventative maintenance calls. This is an extra  service provided to existing customers to ensure that their machine is operating to its maximum potential. They may do water changes, software upgrades and talk through with the user how to look after your Ellipse Hair Removal System. There are three scheduled service calls for today.
» Ellipse Recommended Maintenance

No Rest Today!

Lunch break, but no one has stopped, its busy busy. Konrad has joined the training departments for half an hour to meet with eight trainees who are on ‘Ellipse Refresher Training’ I wonder what he can be teaching them if they are existing users and ask him . ‘Well there are no stupid questions and no issue is too small, sometimes clients want to talk about how best to care for their machines, or re-attaching applicators, topping up water or just what upgrade options are available to them’ Konrad seems to move effortlessly from a Technical Geek to discussing the merits of power adjustment for different types of bikini lines!!!  These boys definitely know their stuff.

After an afternoon working in the applicator department and some simple troubleshooting for a new customer, the day starts to wind down. But there is no rest, they have to plan for tomorrow, another installation and five afternoon visits.

A Late Finish … Again !!

The boys all agree its been a good day and the measure of that is everyone is happy, and signed off on all their tasks for the day. I ask if they enjoy what they do, how refreshing, it is all good feedback. They are glad to be part of the Ellipse brand and from what I can see they really are big part of it!

Oh no! …  its 6.30pm and Konrad’s phone is going, personal or work?
He smiles, I am always on call including the weekends, but then winks at me … “but no one ever calls me!”.