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Ellipse holds a prestige honour among some of the best aestheticians in the industry. Since 1997 Ellipse has been established within the beauty and aesthetic market. The multi-treatment platforms carry the highest certifications of quality assurance delivering medical grade performance and client results to meets today’s consumer demands. Coupled with a commercial viability that delivers affordability and robust revenues to maintain healthy profitability to an Ellipse operator.

By choosing an Ellipse platform you have a history of success in innovation behind you, a quality engineered system supported by a passionate and dedicated team.

Premium Support



Treatments Price Min.
(per treatment)
Price Max. Earning Max.
Potential Per Month
(based on a 6 day working week @ Max price)
(avg. 3 clients per day)
Earning Max.
Potential Per Year
Hair Removal – Bikini £100 £170 £12,240 £146,880
Hair Removal – Under arm £70 £100 £7,200 £86,400
Skin Rejuvenation -Full face £130 £150 £10,800 £129,600