Ellipse ND:YAG Laser Technology

Purpose-built for vascular treatments such as leg veins and onychomycosis

Purpose-built for vascular treatments

Recommended for Advanced Skin Specialists

The Nd:YAG laser module employed in the MultiFlex+ system features a number of innovations that make it ideal for treatment of leg veins and a range of other vascular lesions as well as onychomycosis.

Because Ellipse MultiFlex+ employs a new, patented focused air cooling system for pre, parallel and post cooling patients experience less discomfort with the Ellipse Nd:YAG than with many alternative cooling systems. While some systems rely on expensive cryogen spray or additional operators for external coolers Ellipse MultiFlex+ produces its own stream of cooled air fully integrated into the hand-piece at no additional costs.

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The Nd:YAG hand-piece furthermore offers superb ergonomics with smooth adjustability of working light, aiming beam and spot size.

Ellipse’s Nd:YAG laser comes with 3 interchangeable tips: A standard circular tip for treatment of most vessels. A semi-circular tip for use close to the nose or eye. And a Sapphire window tip to treat underlying feeder vessels.

Why is the Nd:YAG laser better than I²PL for a treatment of certain vascular lesions such as leg veins?

Leg veins and reticular vessels are normally deep, which is why Nd:YAG in most cases respond better than IPL.

I²PL is good for treatment of very superficial small vessels or blanching after sclerotherapy. Note that lasers or light can only be used 1-month post sclerotherapy.

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